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Cooper looks on as customers shop at West End LiquorRecently, the Republican Eagle paid a visit to West End Liquor to chat with their famous employee, Cooper.
                                                                                    Thankfully Kip Earney, the one in charge of West End when Cooper isn’t there, was able to man the store while we spoke with the eight-year-old chocolate Labrador.
RE: Hi Cooper, thank you so much for meeting with us this morning. So, Kip tells us you’ve been coming into work since you were six-weeks old?
Cooper: That’s right. I’ve been running the shop since I was fairly young, but I like to think I’m a natural businessdog.
RE: What a minute Cooper, I thought you just greeted customers. You mean you run the store?
Cooper: Hey, don’t say that so loud! Listen, Kip is a great numbers guy for our company, and he does a fantastic job. But I make the deals.
RE: Please, go on.
Cooper: Alright, alright. Everyday, Kip and I get up early to run some errands before opening up shop. We head to the bank first—
(2 minutes pass)
RE: Cooper?
Cooper: My apologies, I thought I saw the squirrel. I’ve seen him for weeks; I just can’t seem to—
RE: Cooper, please!
Cooper: Right, right sorry. Anyway, we head to the bank, and I get to say hello to some friends. They always give me second breakfast, which I appreciate. That’s the first business deal of the day. I give them a little attention, and I get a treat. That’s what we call in the business world, “giving the dog a bone.”
RE: I’m not sure that’s what that means, Cooper…
Cooper: What would you know? You don’t run a business.
RE: Um…actually, that’s a good point. Fair enough.
Cooper: Next, we head to Caribou Coffee. Sometimes, I get a treat there too, my second deal of the day. Once we get to work, Kip gets things organized while I stretch and relax for a bit. It’s hard work making my morning deals. Once we get started at 9 a.m., I greet people as they enter, and set the tone for their shopping experience.
RE: Set the tone?
Cooper: Of course. Look, you wouldn’t understand, but I know people. I understand them, and I make sure they have a wonderful shopping experience. While I do that, Kip rings them up, handles payments, takes inventory, restocks items, makes calls, you know — assistant stuff.
RE: It sounds like Kip actually runs…nevermind. How often do you work here at West End Liquor?
Cooper: Full-time. I work from 9 a.m. to noon, five days a week. A full 15 hours.
RE: That’s not full-time…
Cooper: Look, in dog years I work 105 hours a week pal. Don’t talk to me about work ethic.
RE: You got me there, Cooper. So what do you do to relax?
Cooper: Well, at noon everyday I catch a ride back home to get some well-deserved lunch. That’s always a great time. But Kip takes me up north most weekends, and that’s where I really get to unwind.
RE: That sounds great! What do you do there?
Cooper: You know, guy stuff. We hunt — I’m a pro at getting ducks, geese and pheasants — or we hike, or swim, if it’s warm out. I love going up north!
RE: So Cooper, what’s the best thing about your job?
Cooper: The people. I love seeing my friends everyday and making the occasional deal, sometimes getting a third or fourth breakfast out of it. Most of all though, I love spending time with Kip. He’s my best friend, even if he’s just my assistant.
RE: Thank you so much Cooper, I really appreciate your time this morning.
Cooper: No problem, but I have to get back to work!

As Republican-Eagle staff packed up, we chatted briefly with Kip Earney. Although he’s owned West End for 34 years, he never had a store mascot until Cooper came along.
“I’ve had labs my whole life, but Cooper has an understanding in his eyes when it comes to people. He just gets it,” said Earney.
On our way out the door, we could’ve sworn we saw Cooper wink towards his “assistant.” Kip didn’t seem surprised.

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